Guests that have participated in CodePen Dayton:

Chris Coyer photo

Chris Coyer

“Let’s get this show started!”

CodePen Dayton #1

Tiffany Rayside photo

Tiffany Rayside

“The Why’s and the How’s”

CodePen Dayton #2

Jeremy Loyd photo

Jeremy Loyd

“The Why’s and the How’s”

CodePen Dayton #2
Gregor Adams photo

Gregor Adams

“Maps and Fractals”

CodePen Dayton #3

Michael Bowman photo

Michael Bowman

“Maps and Fractals”

CodePen Dayton #3

Karim Maaloul photo

Karim Maaloul

“3D Low-Poly Designs”

CodePen Dayton #5

Taylor Hunt photo

Taylor Hunt

“SVG Made Easy”

CodePen Dayton #6 and #10…

Rachel Smith photo

Rachel Smith

“Design & Animation with SVG”

CodePen Dayton #7

Wes Bos photo

Wes Bos

“Rocking the house with ‘Flexbos’”

CodePen Dayton #10

Val Head photo

Val Head

“Motion Design Techniques In Action”

CodePen Dayton #11

Michael Mangialardi photo

Michael Mangialardi

“Beginner’s Guide to Pure CSS Images”

CodePen Dayton #14